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Portrait of George Stubbs

George Stubbs Painting Reproductions Gallery 4


English Romantic Painter
116 paintings of George Stubbs
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Portrait of Mrs Dawson of Retford and Her Daughter | George Stubbs
Labourers | George Stubbs
The Grosvenor Hunt | George Stubbs
Turf | George Stubbs
The Labourers | George Stubbs
Sir John Nelthorpe, 6th Baronet out Shooting with his Dogs in Barton Field, Lincolnshire | George Stubbs
The Third Duke of Dorset's Hunter with a Groom and a Dog | George Stubbs
Lion and Lioness | George Stubbs
White Poodle in a Punt | George Stubbs
Captain Samuel Sharpe Pocklington with His Wife, Pleasance, and possibly His Sister, Frances | George Stubbs
Viscount Gormanston's White Dog | George Stubbs
Brood Mares and Foals | George Stubbs
Portrait of Baron de Robeck Riding a Bay Hunter | George Stubbs
Horse Devoured by a Lion | George Stubbs
Antinoüs, a Chestnut Racehorse in a Landscape | George Stubbs
Fino and Tiny | George Stubbs
Red Deer, a Buck and a Doe | George Stubbs
Sir Sidney Meadows | George Stubbs
A Rough Dog | George Stubbs
Soldiers of the 10th Light Dragoons | George Stubbs
Baronet with Samuel Chifney up | George Stubbs
A Grey Horse | George Stubbs
A Grey Horse | George Stubbs
John Gascoigne with a Bay Horse | George Stubbs
page 4 of 5
paintings per page: 24|48|96 
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5