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Don't take our words for art reproductions. Read what our customers say.

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Bacchus and Erigone - Boucher - Samples of Quality

Posted by László, 2013-05-06

The package has arrived safe, sound, and on time. The paintings are now being framed. The (highly professional) framing specialists were amazed at the quality of the paintings -- and, as you can imagine, so was I. The Boucher is particularly exquisite. I wish I had walls enough to cover them with your nonpareil copies of my favorite masterpieces. The two Rubenses you did for me earlier are my prize possessions -- in any event, I don't have to travel to the Alte Pinakothek at least once a year to see them! They are there in my study to admire them whenever I like!
The Four Seasons: Winter - Boucher - Samples of Quality

Posted by Dorothy, 2013-03-25

Just want to thank you for the beautiful work you've done on our painting of Boucher's The Four Seasons: Winter. We've framed it and it's truly magnificent.
The Room of Flowers - Hassam - Samples of Quality

Posted by David, 2013-01-16

The painting arrived. It is well done and we are pleased. Thanks for your good work.
Giant Magnolias - Hassam - Samples of Quality

Posted by Sophie, 2013-01-09

Hi, I just picked up the paintings from the post office and they are beautiful!!! Thank you so much. I will enjoy them very much! Best wishes,
Following the Moose - Krieghoff - Samples of Quality

Posted by Reg, 2012-12-20

The painting came today and I'm shocked at how good it is. I will be ordering some more. Do you have any other Canadian artists that I may not have found on your web site?
Flowers in a Silver Vase - Aelst - Samples of Quality

Posted by Dennis, 2012-12-07

Got my painting today. It is beautiful. You all did a great job. When I get through framing it it will be a masterpiece. Thanks for your patience and my painting.
Old Man with a Gold Chain - Rembrandt - Samples of Quality

Posted by Bill, 2012-12-06

Hello, I received the 'Old Man with a Gold Chain' that was shipped from Topofart today. Everything was in good order and delivery/receipt was smooth. The quality and condition is excellent. I just wanted to tell you how pleasurable it was to open and see the fine quality image. It is a very special painting to my partner and I and will be a gift to her this Christmas. Your good service and quality work is commendable and greatly appreciated. Again, thanks.
Capriccio of Ottoman Coastal Scene on a Moonlit Night - Aivazovsky - Samples of Quality

Posted by Ziya, 2012-12-05

My painting arrived. It is wonderful. Thank you very much. Best regards.
Irises - Gogh - Samples of Quality

Posted by June, 2012-12-04

Just want to say we received the painting and are very impressed with it.... Looks like the real thing to me.... Thanks again...hope to do business again...
Starry Night - Gogh - Samples of Quality

Posted by Joerg, 2012-10-08

the painting has arrived. We love it!! The colours are even better than the original and the way it is painted is very much like the original. Great job, please let the painter know. Thank you and greetings,
The Union of Earth and Water - Rubens - Samples of Quality

Posted by Sandy, 2012-09-27

A short note to thank you and your colleagues for a fantastic job. The canvass was safely received, and stretched over a frame. The results in a word was a "masterpiece" !. Thank you again.I am sure we shall be in touch shortly. Kind Regards
The Meeting on the Turret Stairs - Burton - Samples of Quality

Posted by Tom, 2012-09-26

Hello, painting has arrived and I am very satisfied with your work. thanks of doing this.
The Rape of the Daughters of Leucippus - Rubens - Samples of Quality

Posted by Laszlo, 2012-08-30

Dear TopofArt: The canvases have arrived safely. The quality has superseded all my expectations: both pictures are just marvellous! I hope to order more from your firm in the future. Thank you very much!
Lady with a Fan - Klimt - Samples of Quality

Posted by Alejandro, 2012-08-25

I want to confirm that I just got the order and it is amazing! I bought this as a present for my wife and she couldn't be happier!
Gallery of the Louvre - Morse - Samples of Quality

Posted by Roger, 2012-08-17

Great Job! I have the canvas stretched and am waiting for a frame. I'll send a photo when it's hung in my home.
The Moorish Chief - Charlemont - Samples of Quality

Posted by Roger, 2012-05-01

The "Chief" arrived today and it is truly stunning. I'll stretch it tomorrow and measure it for its frame. Your artist did a magnificent job. Thank him for me.
The Deliverance of Saint Peter - ter Brugghen - Samples of Quality

Posted by Robert, 2012-03-14

Yesterday I received my last two paintings, "Solomon and the Ark of the Covenant" and "The Deliverance of St. Peter" and they were exceptional. Keep up the great work. Hope to hear from you soon. Sincerely,
The Two Crowns - Dicksee - Samples of Quality

Posted by Dee, 2012-02-05

Many Thanks, I recieved the Two Crowns Yesterday. Its Lovely.
Landscape with House and Ploughman - Gogh - Samples of Quality

Posted by Glen, 2011-12-29

I just wanted to let you know that the painting arrived as you promised it would. Thank you -- it is beautiful and we're very happy with it. I'm sure we'll place a few more orders with you in the coming months and I will recommend you to my friends as well. Many thanks again.
Yacht Basin at Trouville-Deauville - Boudin - Samples of Quality

Posted by Gail, 2011-11-27

Your masterpiece arrived and I am most pleased with it. Early in the new year I will contact you again with some more work that I would like done. Until then, may you enjoy the coming holiday season. Sincerely
The Nubian Giraffe - Agasse - Samples of Quality

Posted by Geoffrey, 2011-11-25

Hello, I received my painting today. I am extremely pleased with the result, please pass my congratulations on to the artist for his outstanding workmanship. If I ever need another reproduction art work I'll certainly order from you. Thank you for providing me excellent service. With Kind Regards
A Lion Attacking a Horse - Stubbs - Samples of Quality

Posted by Leigh, 2011-06-21

Just wanted to follow-up and let you know that I received the painting and it looks incredible. I had it stretched and framed, and it now hangs beautifully in my living room. Thanks for your professionalism and good work. I have been recommending your company to others I know who are interested in art reproductions so that they can be assured of the same rewarding experience that I had! Thanks again
The Death of Chatterton - Wallis - Samples of Quality

Posted by Fernando, 2011-01-20

I just received the painting and would like to say that it is simply wonderful!!! Thank you very much, again!
A Girl in an Armchair (The Convalescent) - Tissot - Samples of Quality

Posted by John, 2011-01-18

The canvas arrived today, beautiful quality... I will certainly purchase more.
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