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Verzeichnis der Kunststils

Dieses Verzeichnis der Gemälde-Reproduktionen, selektiert nach Perioden, Kunstrichtungen, Stilrichtungen und Genres kann Ihnen helfen, das für Sie richtige Bild auszuwählen, und bietet Ihnen einen kleinen Ausflug in die Geschichte der Kunst an.
Gealterte und rissige Kunst-Reproduktionen
Wir können Ihre Gemälde-Reproduktion rissig aussehen lassen, wie das Museumsoriginal.
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Giclee Art Prints - Framing Тypes and Methods

We offer a great variety of frames, which can suit every interior style. In terms of material, our frames are wooden, plastic or metal, and are made by the best Italian factories, keeping with the newest style trends and designs. We frame paintings of maximum length up to 71 cm or 28 inches. Due to this, the option for framing appears only in the paintings from our catalogue, which fall within this format. This is necessary because of the extreme rises in the cost of postal services for larger formats and the risk of damage during transportation.

If your Art Print matches the format, you can choose from the huge variety of frames, mats and liners we offer, the latter not being a necessity, rather its inclusion depends on your taste and interior style. The mat or liner is a very useful element for the design. It is placed between the painting and external frame, and being lighter in colour, it gives a characteristic finish. The mat also helps with the so called "breathing of the painting", i.e. it enables the painting to merge with the frame.
Ordering a frame, mat and liner for a certain picture is extremely easy: simply follow the steps when the option for framing appears.

Once you have ordered a framed Art Print on Canvas, it is stretched over a subframe (internal frame) and thereafter varnished with a special UV varnish. The external frame, which you have chosen for your Giclee Art Print, is mounted over the canvas, stretched on the subframe, and a hanging system is placed on the back of the frame. When you receive the frame, the painting will be completely ready for hanging on the wall.
Professional Methods for Framing of Artworks

Framing of Art Print on Canvas using Wooden Liner
This is a wonderful method for framing of artworks on canvas, because the liner gives a delicate lightness to the picture, with its colour, lighter than the frame, while at the same time it matches any interior in a unique manner.

Artworks on Canvas are exhibited without plexiglas or glass, the reverse is extremely unprofessional.

Print Stretched on SubFrame
External Frame & Wooden Liner
Finished Painting Ready for Hanging

Framing of Art Print on Canvas without use of Wooden Liner
This is the ultimate in classic techniques for framing of artworks. A large portion of paintings in museums across the world are framed in this way.

Artworks on Canvas are exhibited without plexiglas or glass, the reverse is extremely unprofessional.

Print Stretched on SubFrame
External Frame
Finished Painting Ready for Hanging

Framing of Art Print on Paper (Drawings, Aquarelles, Graphics, Pastels, etc)
A combination of a wide cardboard mat and an external frame is used in the framing of paper media. The final element of the framed Fine Art Print on Paper is spreading high quality acrylic plexiglas. It has incredible optical clarity and is extremely lightweight and long-lasting. Its main benefit, as opposed to glass, is that it is shatter-proof and ideal for transportation.

Plexiglas and glass are placed only over artworks on paper (drawings, graphics, aquarelles and pastels).

Back Side with Hanging String
External Frame & Cardboard Mat
Finished Painting with Plexiglas