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italienischer Barockmaler

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Landscape with Carriage and Travelers, n.d. von Marco Ricci | Gemälde-Reproduktion

Landscape with Carriage and Travelers n.d.

SKU: RIM-10530
Marco Ricci
Originalmaß: 74 x 97 cm
Palazzo Pitti, Florence, Italy

Ships in a Gale, c.1705/08 von Marco Ricci | Gemälde-Reproduktion

Ships in a Gale c.1705/08

Leinwand Kunstdruck
SKU: RIM-10531
Marco Ricci
Originalmaß: 92 x 124.5 cm
Indianapolis Museum of Art, Indiana, USA

Ancient Building with a Statue and Decorative Figures, c.1720/25 von Marco Ricci | Gemälde-Reproduktion

Ancient Building with a Statue and Decorative Figures c.1720/25

Leinwand Kunstdruck
SKU: RIM-10532
Marco Ricci
Originalmaß: 60 x 42 cm
Gemaldegalerie Alte Meister, Kassel, Germany