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The Triumph of Death, c.1562 von Bruegel the Elder

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Ölgemälde Reproduktion
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The Triumph of Death, c.1562 | Bruegel the Elder | Gemälde Reproduktion
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Gemälde Titel:

The Triumph of Death, c.1562


Pieter Bruegel the Elder (c.1525-1569)


Prado Museum Madrid Spain




117 x 162 cm


Gemälde Reproduktion sind vollständig handgemalt mit Öl auf leere leinwand.

Erzeugung Zeit:

Ihre Bruegel the Elder Handgemalte Reproduktion must not be rushed as it need time for reaching the high quality and precision and also for getting dry. Depending of the complexity and the details of the painting, we need of 3-4 weeks for creation of the painting.


We not frame oil painting reproductions. The Handgemalte Reproduktion is expensive product and the risk of damages during transport of stretched on a frame painting is too high.The Triumph of Death" by Bruegel the Elder is unframed and will be shipped rolled up in postal tube.
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Gemälde Reproduktion mit Öl auf Leinwand - Schritt für Schritt in Bildern
We create our paintings only with museum quality. Our Academically educated European painters never allow compromise with the quality and the details. TOPofART not work with Far East wholesalers with poor quality.

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Topic: The Triumph of Death, c.1562 by Bruegel the Elder
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The Triumph of Death by Bruegel the Elder
In relation to the print Dulle Griet, 1564, this work may be dated between 1560 and 1566-69. The subject is derived from the Apocalypse and Ecclesiastes, but is not religious in intent or theme. It was conceived and executed for an emphatically secular reason. It is in fact connected with the massacres under the Spanish domination, and the "beggars" revolt. The work, like others, was inspired by their resistance. The oppressors, too, are snatched up by death. Companies of the dead crowd around the wagon into which a howling mob is chased by Death on horseback; even kings and cardinals are carried off in the end. There are cadavers everywhere, spectres and skeletons in heaps, while in the background battles and fires rage, and on the right, gallows with their hanging burdens rise against the sky. There is no verbal equivalent for these images; in the apparent tangle, each detail is clear - a single voice in the terrible chorus. The images are locked in a composition which advances in great successive "compass turns" from the epicenter on the left towards the right, like a calculated landslide. It is reinforced by all the convergences from above and below, in an immediate and decided knot, so that there is nothing episodic in the many elements of the scene; the concentration is intense and absorbing. It is difficult to forget the scorching tragic climate that the artist has caught in this exceptional work.
16th March 2014 9:57am

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