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We can make your art reproduction to look aged and cracked as the museum original.
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Frequently Asked Questions Concerning Our Oil Paintings

Some of the most frequently asked questions are listed below. We hope that our answers will give you detailed information and help you in the selection of your Fine Art Reproduction. You may ask all other questions without hesitation here

How do you make your paintings?

Hand-Painted Oil Paintings
We strive to create our paintings only with museum quality. We don't have different grades or quality as the Chinese. We work only with academically educated European painters but not with Chinese, Vietnamese or Thai wholesale painters with poor quality. Our art reproductions are completely hand-painted with oil on canvas. In our team of painters each one is a past master in his particular field and this gives us the opportunity to reproduce to the limit of perfection the style and the technique of every original old master. Of course we have acquired these abilities for a long educational and creative period and this is the reason why our handmade art reproductions express the human element, the spirit and the sense of the Great Masters.
Giclee Fine Art Prints on Canvas and Paper
We use the latest digital printing systems in order to provide the highest quality of artwork (Giclee Technology). Our printers use 12-colour ink sets and with them the print is elevated to new levels of quality, reliability and durability. The extremely small size of the drops and the widest colour range help us to obtain the appearance of exceptionally true colour and fine detail. The composition of the inks is completely safe and ecologically friendly.

Can you frame the artwork I have selected?

We can frame Canvas Art Prints only, but not Hand-painted Art Reproductions.
We offer wide choice of frames, liners and mats for your fine art reproduction, which can suit every interior style. In terms of material, our frames are wooden, plastic or metal, and are made by the best Italian factories, keeping with the newest style trends and designs. Due to postal restrictions, we frame paintings of maximum length up to 71 cm or 28 inches. Due to this, the option for framing appears only in the paintings from our catalogue, which fall within this format. This is necessary because of the extreme rises in the cost of postal services for larger formats and the risk of damage during transportation.
Ordering a frame, liner and mat for a certain painting is extremely easy: simply follow the steps when the option for framing appears.
Once you have ordered a framed Art Reproduction, it is stretched over a subframe (internal frame) and thereafter varnished with a special UV varnish. The external frame, which you have chosen for your Painting, is mounted over the canvas, stretched on the subframe, and a hanging system is placed on the back of the frame. When you receive the frame, the painting will be completely ready for hanging on the wall.
Here you can learn more about Framing Types and Methods.

How can I order an painting of a size different from the one you are offering?

Hand-Painted Oil Paintings
Many sites, which sell Art Reproductions, offer standard sizes, out of proportion with the original paintings. Our policy is radically different: We have offered our Hand-Painted Art Reproductions in their original sizes or in exact proportions to the original painting.
If you want your painting to be in different size from that we offered, you can fill in our Order Form and describe your request to us. We will answer you to discuss your requirements and our abilities.

Giclee Fine Art Prints on Canvas and Paper
When you enter the page with details of any painting from our catalogue, you will notice that a function has been provided for changing the sizes. If the option for enlargement is disabled, then this is the maximum size that the painting can be printed in. You should take into account that we frame paintings of maximum length up to 71 cm or 28 inches. For all sizes larger than this, the option for framing disappears.
Many sites, which sell Art Prints, offer standard sizes, out of proportion with the original paintings. Our policy is radically different: our Art Reproductions are offered in sizes of the original artworks or they are offered in exact proportions to the original paintings in the museums.

How will my painting be transported?

We use professional delivery companies for the shipping of our orders. We offer full online tracking of all painting deliveries. You will receive a tracking number for your parcel by e-mail.
All unframed Art Reproductions are shipped rolled up in heavy-duty PVC or cardboard tubes for protection during transit.
All framed Paintings travel packaged with corner protectors and insulation boards at the front and at the back. And finally, they receive additional packaging in the form of a cardboard box.
We do not send to PO Boxes, you must supply a home or office delivery address.

How much will the transportation of my artwork cost?

Our transportation expenses are determined by several parameters.
The most important one is whether your Painting is framed. The second one is the weight of the order and third comes the destination to which it will be shipped.
You can check how much the shipping will cost after you place your order in the shopping cart and use the tool Estimate Shipping and Tax

How long will it take to create my painting?

Hand-Painted Oil Paintings
The Hand-Painted Art Reproductions must not be rushed as they need time for reaching the high quality and precision and also for getting dry. We need 3-10 weeks from the moment of ordering to prepare a art reproduction for shipment. The time needed varies for every painting, depends of complexity and size.

Giclee Fine Art Prints on Canvas and Paper
If you have ordered an unframed art print, then it will be printed and prepared for sending within 48 hours.
If you wish your art print be framed, it will take a little longer, because the frame will be custom made for you. The process of framing takes around 7-8 business days. Sometimes, a certain frame may be temporarily unavailable. We will keep you informed of any possible delays.

How can I order and pay for my painting?

Ordering is very easy. Once you have chosen your painting, simply press the button "add to cart", right located in painting detail page. After adding of the painting in the shopping cart, follow the steps in shopping cart screen. We accept orders with:
PayPal PaymentVisa Card PaymentMasterCard PaymentAmerican Express PaymentJCB PaymentDiscover Card PaymentDiners Club Card Payment
All credit-card payments are protected by our online processor through a protected server with SSL encryption. All payments are made in real time. This means that we never view your details. When you make a payment, we receive only the information we need to implement and ship your Art Reproduction.

What kind of warranty do you offer?

If for some reason you are not satisfied with your order, you can return it within 7 days of its receipt in order to correct some details or receive a full refund of the amount. Nevertheless, you should take into account that this policy is implemented entirely at our discretion and you must have a good reason for request for returning the item. We ask you to contact us in advance by e-mail, so we can clear up the problem. Shipping costs are non-refundable.

How can I order my favourite painting which is missing from your catalogue?

If you have a favourite painting, which you cannot find in our catalogue, please fill in this enquiry form here. It is a good idea to mention the name of the artist, painting or museum in which it is kept (if you do not know these details, you can simply describe the painting. We shall answer within 24 hours.

How should I maintain the artwork I have ordered from you?

Once you receive your Hand-Painted Art Reproduction or Canvas Art Print and it is unframed, it is preferable to stretch the painting on an internal frame and frame it with an external frame at your local frame shop, since this is the normal condition of a painting.

The maintenance of the painting at your home is extremely easy: you just have to follow several simple rules:
Do not use cleansing agents, but only a soft and dry cloth.
Do not hang the painting in a place which is exposed to direct sunlight for more than 3-4 hours a day.
Do not get the front or the back of the canvas wet (the primer is hygroscopic and the canvas may form folds. Do not worry if a little water lands on the front of the painting: simply absorb it with a dry cloth.

Do you offer other services?

We can make your Hand-Painted Art Reproduction to look aged and cracked as the museum original. The effect of ageing gives to one painting the charm of authentic and noble appearance. Such a reproduction can add to any interior a unique look and a style. The process of ageing of Art Reproduction completely conforms to the technology of oil painting. Here you can learn more about Aged Look effect
If you want to have the ordered painting to look aged you have to select from the option "Choose Aged Look" right located in painting detail page. This option is not active for every painting from our catalogue because the effect of ageing is suitable only for paintings with smooth surfaces but not for ones with "hard past effect", such as impressionist ones.

We paint portraits - just send us a photo of your friends or family. The photos have to be large enough and with a good quality. You can attach and send them to our e-mail.