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Hand-Painted Oil Paintings

We are driven by the ambition to create only paintings of museum quality. We do not offer varying levels of quality like the low quality studios in the Far East. We are a small team of artists who have been academically trained according to European standards, and we never compromise with the degree of detail and the quality of our paintings. Our painting reproductions are entirely hand-painted with oil paints on canvas. Everyone of our team of artists is a specialist in their field. Some of them are most expert in the reproduction of Renaissance paintings, others have an affinity for the Baroque and Rococo styles, while still others are specialists in Impressionism. This makes us capable of recreating not only the exact details of the original painting, but also the style and technique of every old master. Of course, these capabilities can be achieved after many years of training and experience, and we can boldly claim that our TOPofART studio has the best reputation on the market.

Giclee Art Prints on Canvas and on Paper

We make use of the newest printing systems in order to make sure that the works of art printed by TOPofART are of the highest quality. Our printers use 12 color systems by which printing has been raised to new levels of quality, reliability, and durability. The extremely small size of the drops and the widest available color range help us to obtain extremely realistic colors and fine details. The composition of the ink is fully safe and environmentally friendly, and the durability of the prints without any changes occurring to the color is over a 100 years.

We offer a wide selection of frames, liners and mat for your Giclee Art Print. They can meet the requirements of any style of interior. In terms of material, our frames are made of wood or polystyrol, and have been manufactured by the best Italian factories in accordance with the most recent design and style trends.

Due to mailing limitations, we frame paintings only up to a maximum length of 71 cm or 28 inches. For that reason, the framing tool appears only with paintings that fall into this limitations of the form.

We frame only Art Prints on canvas or paper, but not Hand-Painted Painting Reproductions. Oil paintings are expensive products, and the risk of damaging a painting that has been stretched on a frame is rather high.

It is extremely easy to order a frame, liner and mat for a certain type of artwork: You simply follow the steps when the possibility for framing appears.

After you have ordered a framed art reproduction, it is stretched on a stretcher-bar, and then it is varnished using a special UV varnish. The external frame which you have selected is mounted on the stretched canvas. On the reverse side, a hanging system is mounted. When you receive your framed painting, it will be completely ready to be hanged up on the wall.

Here, you can learn more about the principles of framing artworks.

Hand-Painted Oil Paintings

Many web sites selling Painting Reproductions offer standard sizes that have nothing to do with the proportional dimensions of the original painting. Our policy is absolutely contrary to that: We offer our Hand-Painted Painting Reproductions in the size of the original painting or in a size exactly in proportion to the original.
If you want your painting to be of a size unlike the size being offered by us, you can fill out this Contact Form and describe your request to us.

Giclee Art Prints on Canvas and on Paper

When you open the detailed web page of every painting in our web site, you will see a size changing tool with a purple lower and upper arrows. If any of the arrows is grey and non-active, then this is the maximum possible size up to which the painting can be printed. You need to keep in mind that we frame paintings up to a maximum length of 71 cm or 28 inches. For any size above that, the option for a framed painting becomes non-existent.

To ship our paintings, we use the services of generally accepted and globally reputable courier companies. We offer online tracing of the shipments. You will be sent a tracing number to your e-mail as soon as your painting has been sent.

All unframed art reproductions are shipped rolled up and placed into secured postal tubes.

All framed paintings are sent in a cardboard package with additional protectors for the corners.

We do not practice shipping to PO Boxes, and therefore, you will need to provide a physical home or business address to which the shipments is to be made.

Our shipping fees depend on several parameters. The most important parameter is whether the paintings is framed or not. This is followed by the weight of the shipment, and lastly by the destination to which it must be sent.
You can check the cost of the delivery after adding the selected paintings to the shopping cart where you will be able to use the Estimate Shipping and Tax Tool.

Hand-Painted Oil Paintings

Hand-Painted Painting Reproductions should not be made hastily. They need time in order to achieve the necessary precision and high quality. They also need enough time to completely dry before the shipping. We need approximately 2 to 10 weeks from the moment the order is received until the time the painting is prepared to be shipped. The time length varies from painting to painting, and depends mostly on the complexity, and to a lesser extent on the size. Our confirmation to you that we have received your order will be accompanied by information from concerning the time we will need to create the painting.

Giclee Art Prints on Canvas and on Paper

If you have ordered an unframed print, it will be printed out and prepared for shipping within 48 hours.
If you choose a print stretched on a frame, this will take some more time to produce the frame and make it specially for you. The process of printing, stretching, and framing will take about 7-8 working days.
It is possible for a certain frame profile to be temporarily unavailable. We will additionally inform you about any possible delays.

Ordering is very easy. After you have selected your painting reproduction, you simply click on the Add to Cart button which is situated close to the painting. Once the art reproduction has been added to the shopping cart, follow the steps on the screen.

We accept payments with: Payment methods: Visa, MasterCard, Amex

All credit-card payments are protected by our online processor through a protected server with SSL encryption. All payments are made in real time. This means that we never view your details. When you make a payment, we receive only the information we need to implement and ship your Art Reproduction.

Your order confirmation email is completely authentic invoice suitable for many countries, but in any case our shipments are shipped with paper invoice.

If for any reason you are not pleased with your order, then you can return it within 14 days from the date you received it so that we could either correct certain details or refund you with the amount you paid for it.
As our products are hand-made specially for you (they are neither mass produced, nor kept in stock), therefore, you need to bear in mind that it is mandatory for you to have a well substantiated reason for returning the canvas.
We kindly ask you to contact us first by e-mail so that we would be able to clarify the problem. The shipping costs are not refundable.

If you have a favorite painting which you are unable to find on our site, please fill out this form of enquiry. A good idea is to mention the name of the artist and of the painting as well as of the museum where it is kept. But if you don't know any of these details, then you can simply describe the painting.

Once you have received your unframed art reproduction, it should be stretched on a stretcher-bar and framed with external frame as this is the normal condition of a painting. You can order a frame in your local frame studio.

Maintaining the painting in your home is extremely easy. You only need to follow several simple rules:
Do not use any cleaning substances, but just a soft and dry cloth.
Do not hang the painting on a place exposed to direct sunlight more than 3-4 hours a day.

Do not worry if a little water happens to fall on the front side of the painting. Just take up the water with a dry cloth.

We paint portraits and custom paintings. You can send us a photo of your friends or family, and once we have assessed the level of complexity, we are going to send you an offer. The photos must be of very good quality.

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We hope that the answers that are given below to some of the most frequently asked questions will provide you with detailed information and will help you in choosing an art reproduction. Should you have a different question, you can ask it individually. Contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.