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French Mannerist Painter

Ambroise Dubois (c. 1542 – c. 1614) was a French painter of the late Renaissance period. He is known for his paintings of mythological and historical subjects, as well as his portraits.

Dubois was born in Antwerp, which was then part of the Habsburg Netherlands, and he trained under his father, also a painter. He later moved to Paris, where he became a member of the court of Henry III. Dubois was appointed painter to the king in 1581, and he remained in the service of the French court for the rest of his life.

Dubois was heavily influenced by the Italian Renaissance, and he spent time in Rome studying the works of Michelangelo and Raphael. He was also influenced by the work of his contemporaries, such as François Clouet, who was the court painter before him.

Dubois' most famous works include his series of large-scale paintings depicting the history of Henry IV of France, which are now housed in the Louvre Museum in Paris. He also painted portraits of several members of the French court, including Catherine de' Medici and Henry III.

In addition to his painting, Dubois was also a prolific designer of tapestries, and he produced several sets for the royal workshops in Paris. He was also involved in the design of the decorations for the royal entry of Henry III into Paris in 1589.

Dubois died in Paris around 1614. His work had a significant influence on French painting in the 17th century, particularly in the development of the Baroque style.

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Flora, n.d. by Ambroise Dubois | Painting Reproduction

Flora n.d.

Oil Painting
Canvas Print
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Ambroise Dubois
Original Size: 148 x 137 cm
Fuji Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan