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French Neoclassical Painter

François-Léon Benouville was a French painter born in 1821 and died in 1859. He was born in Paris and was the older brother of Jean-Achille Benouville, who was also a painter.

François-Léon was a student of Paul Delaroche, a leading French historical painter of the 19th century. He was known for his portraits and genre scenes.

Benouville was a successful artist in his own right and exhibited his works at the Paris Salon, which was the most important art exhibition in France at the time. He was awarded several medals for his paintings, including a first-class medal in 1855.

Unfortunately, François-Léon Benouville's life was cut short by an illness, and he died in 1859 at the young age of 38. Despite his brief career, his work remains an important example of French painting in the 19th century and continues to be admired by art lovers and collectors today.

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The Wrath of Achilles, 1847 by Benouville | Painting Reproduction

The Wrath of Achilles 1847

Oil Painting
SKU: BFL-16597
Francois-Leon Benouville
Original Size: 156 x 94.5 cm
Musee Fabre, Montpellier, France