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Portrait of Georg Flegel

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German Baroque Painter
17 paintings of Georg Flegel
Apricot Branch | Georg Flegel
Cupboard Picture with Flowers, Fruit and Goblets | Georg Flegel
Still Life with Bread and Confectionery | Georg Flegel
Dessert Still Life | Georg Flegel
Large Food Display | Georg Flegel
Fish Still Life with Stag-Beetle | Georg Flegel
Still Life with Flowers and Snacks | Georg Flegel
Still Life of Birds and Insects | Georg Flegel
Still Life with Chestnuts and Hazelnuts | Georg Flegel
Butterfly, Beetle, Grasshopper and Caterpillar | Georg Flegel
Meal with Fruit and Sweetmeats | Georg Flegel
Narcissus, Iris, Fritillaria and Hornet | Georg Flegel
Meal with Pike Head | Georg Flegel
Still life with Pretzels, Nuts and Almonds | Georg Flegel
Still Life with Glass of Wine and Small Fishes | Georg Flegel
Snack with Fried Eggs | Georg Flegel
Still Life with Herring and Bearded Man Jug | Georg Flegel