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Dutch Romanticism Painter

Johannes Christiaan Schotel (1787-1838) was a Dutch landscape painter and watercolorist, known for his romantic landscapes that captured the natural beauty of the Dutch countryside.

Schotel was born in Dordrecht, in the Netherlands, and showed an early interest in art. He studied under several prominent artists of the time, including Simon van der Does and Barend Cornelis Koekkoek. He later traveled throughout Europe, visiting France, England, and Germany, where he was influenced by the work of the great Romantic painters of the time.

Schotel was particularly known for his ability to capture the mood and atmosphere of the landscapes he painted, often incorporating elements of the Dutch countryside, such as windmills, canals, and rolling hills, into his works. He was also known for his use of vivid, bright colors, which helped to bring the landscapes to life.

Throughout his career, Schotel was highly respected as an artist and his works were in high demand. He exhibited his paintings widely and was a member of several prestigious artistic societies, including the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Amsterdam.

Today, Schotel's paintings can be found in some of the world's most prestigious museums and art collections, including the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. He remains an important figure in the history of Dutch landscape painting, and is widely regarded as one of the greatest Dutch Romantic painters of the 19th century.

2 Johannes Schotel Paintings

Ships on a Rough Sea, 1826 by Johannes Schotel | Painting Reproduction

Ships on a Rough Sea 1826

Oil Painting
Canvas Print
SKU: SJC-16587
Johannes Christiaan Schotel
Original Size: 163.5 x 218 cm
Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Storm on the Sea, c.1825 by Johannes Schotel | Painting Reproduction

Storm on the Sea c.1825

Oil Painting
SKU: SJC-16588
Johannes Christiaan Schotel
Original Size: unknown
Public Collection