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American Impressionist Painter

John Ottis Adams was an American Impressionist painter, born in 1851 in Indiana and died in 1927. He was known for his landscapes and portraits, as well as his use of light and color to capture the atmosphere of rural America. Adams studied at the National Academy of Design in New York and later in Paris, where he was influenced by the Impressionist movement. He was also a member of the Hoosier Group, a group of Indiana-based artists who worked in the Impressionist style. Adams' work is known for its high level of technical skill, vivid color, and attention to light and shadow, and can be found in several museums and private collections.

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In Poppyland (Poppy Field), 1901 by John Ottis Adams | Painting Reproduction

In Poppyland (Poppy Field) 1901

Oil Painting
Canvas Print
SKU: AJO-16412
John Ottis Adams
Original Size: 56 x 81.6 cm
Ball State University Museum of Art, Indiana, USA