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Italian Baroque Painter

Orazio Borgianni was an Italian Baroque painter, who lived and worked in Rome in the late 16th and early 17th centuries. He was part of the Caravaggisti movement, and his style was heavily influenced by Caravaggio, with dramatic contrasts of light and dark, and bold, spontaneous brushwork. Borgianni is known for his religious and mythological paintings, which often feature intense expressions and vivid, naturalistic details. He worked extensively for the Church, creating altarpieces and other devotional works, as well as portraits and genre scenes. Borgianni's paintings can be found in several museums and private collections throughout Europe.

Orazio Borgianni was born in Rome around 1578 and is believed to have trained with the Caravaggist master, Giuseppe Cesari (Il Cavaliere d'Arpino). He was highly active in the Roman art world, and worked for prominent patrons such as Cardinal Scipione Borghese and King Philip III of Spain. Borgianni's work is characterized by its strong use of chiaroscuro, or the contrast between light and dark, which he used to create a dramatic and intense mood. He was also known for his lifelike and detailed depictions of figures, as well as his ability to capture movement and emotion in his paintings. Borgianni's works were highly valued in his lifetime, and his influence can be seen in the work of many other Caravaggist painters who followed him. Some of his most famous paintings include "Crucifixion" and "Martyrdom of St. Lawrence." Orazio Borgianni died in Rome around 1616.

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Christ Amongst the Doctors, n.d. by Orazio Borgianni | Painting Reproduction

Christ Amongst the Doctors n.d.

Oil Painting
SKU: BOO-13930
Orazio Borgianni
Original Size: 78.2 x 104.6 cm
Private Collection

Lamentation over the Dead Christ (The Pieta), c.1615 by Orazio Borgianni | Painting Reproduction

Lamentation over the Dead Christ (The Pieta) c.1615

Oil Painting
Canvas Print
SKU: BOO-13931
Orazio Borgianni
Original Size: 55 x 77 cm
Galleria Spada, Rome, Italy