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Italian Rococo Painter

Sebastiano Ricci was an Italian Baroque painter, born in Belluno, Italy in 1659 and died in Venice in 1734. He was a pupil of the great Venetian master Giovanni Bellini, and later worked in the studio of his uncle, Marco Ricci. He is best known for his frescoes and large-scale ceiling paintings, which he created for churches and palaces throughout Italy. He was a highly influential figure in the development of the Rococo style in the 18th century.

He was one of the leading painters of his time and was highly regarded for his skills in perspective, light and color.

He was also a successful portraitist and painted many portraits of important figures of his day, including popes, cardinals and noblemen.

In addition to his work in Italy, he also worked in England and France, where he was greatly appreciated for his grand and ornate style.

Some of his most famous works include the frescoes in the Church of San Giorgio Maggiore in Venice, and the ceiling paintings in the Palazzo Badoer in Venice.

Despite his success, Ricci was a controversial figure during his lifetime, and his artistic style was often criticized for being too decorative and over-the-top.

Overall, Sebastiano Ricci was a highly talented and influential painter who made significant contributions to the Baroque style in Italy.

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A Glory of the Virgin with the Archangel Gabriel and Saints Eusebius, Roch and Sebastian, c.1724/25 by Sebastiano Ricci | Painting Reproduction

A Glory of the Virgin with the Archangel Gabriel ... c.1724/25

Oil Painting
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Sebastiano Ricci
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