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French Barbizon School Painter

Paul Desire Trouillebert was a famous French Barbizon School painter in the mid-nineteenth and the early twentieth centuries. He was born in Paris, France in 1829 and died here in June 28th, 1900.

Paul is considered a portrait, and a genre and landscape painter from the French Barbizon School. He was a student of Ernest Hebert (1817-1908) and Charles-Francois Jalabert (1819-1901), and made his debut at the Salon of 1865, exhibiting a portrait.

At the Paris Salon of 1869, Mr. Trouillebert exhibited "Au bois Rossignolet", which was a lyrical Fontainebleau landscape that received great critical acclaim.

He was interested in the orientalism and produced paintings of nudes. He painted a most fabulous portrait of a half-nude young woman in an ancient Egyptian style of the Greco-Roman Dynasty. He called it Servante du harem (The Harem Servant Girl). and in 1884, his painting of nudes, The Bathers was well received by the Paris Salon. He was a most famous fashion designer too.

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The Harem Servant Girl, 1874 by Paul Desire Trouillebert | Painting Reproduction

The Harem Servant Girl 1874

Oil Painting
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Paul Desire Trouillebert
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