Heywood Hardy Biography


English Victorian Romanticism Painter

Heywood Hardy was a painter and watercolourist of animals, sporting subjects and genre. He was born in Bristol where he later studied also studying in Paris and Antwerp. He moved to London in 1870 and later settled in Worthing. Hardy was also an engraver and illustrator who contributed to the Illustrated London News and the Graphic.

Hardy most popular subjects are coaching scenes or people on horseback. One of Hardy's trademarks is his ability to paint his animals with a notable degree of sensitivity, demonstrating a great understanding of horses.

Among his many patrons were the Sitwells of Renishaw. He also painted a series of religious scenes of the life of Christ for Clymping Church, Sussex in 1909.

Hardy exhibited at the Royal Academy, British Institution, Suffolk Street, Old Watercolour Society and the New Gallery.
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