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Dutch Baroque Painter

Adrian van der Spelt was a Dutch still-life painter. He was born in Leiden around the year 1630 and died in Gouda in 1673.

Van der Spelt was known for his meticulous still-life paintings, particularly his depictions of flowers, fruits. He was influenced by the Dutch Golden Age painters of the 17th century, and his work is considered to be part of the Dutch still-life tradition.

Van der Spelt's still-life paintings are characterized by their attention to detail and realism. He used a light and delicate touch to create a sense of depth and luminosity in his compositions, and his skillful use of color and light was highly regarded in his time.

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Still Life with Flowers and Curtain, 1658 by Adrian van der Spelt | Painting Reproduction

Still Life with Flowers and Curtain 1658

Oil Painting
Canvas Print
SKU: SAV-1647
Adrian van der Spelt
Original Size: 46.5 x 64 cm
Art Institute of Chicago, Illinois, USA