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Italian High Renaissance Painter

Marco Basaiti (c. 1470-1530) was an Italian painter from Venice, known for his religious works and portraits. He was a contemporary of Giovanni Bellini.

Basaiti was born in Venice around 1470, and it is believed that he trained with either Giovanni Bellini or Alvise Vivarini. He was heavily influenced by the works of Bellini, especially his use of light and color. Basaiti's early works are characterized by a Byzantine influence and a more formal style, but as he matured as an artist, he became more interested in the Renaissance style and incorporated more naturalistic elements into his work.

One of Basaiti's most famous works is the "The Virgin and Child" which is now in the National Gallery in London. The painting features the Madonna and child in a naturalistic landscape. The use of light and color in this work is particularly notable and showcases Basaiti's skill in capturing the effects of light on different surfaces.

Another notable work by Basaiti is the "St. Jerome in Penitence," which is now in the collection of the Gallerie dell'Accademia in Venice. This painting features St. Jerome in the wilderness, surrounded by natural elements such as rocks, trees, and animals. The use of light in this painting is particularly striking, with the light filtering through the trees and casting shadows on the ground.

Basaiti died in Venice in 1530. His legacy lives on through his beautiful works of art, which are still admired and studied by art enthusiasts and scholars around the world.

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Madonna with Child, c.1500 by Marco Basaiti | Painting Reproduction

Madonna with Child c.1500

Oil Painting
Canvas Print
SKU: BAM-4871
Marco Basaiti
Original Size: 64 x 51 cm
Liechtenstein Museum, Vienna, Austria