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Spanish Baroque Painter

Claudio Coello was a Spanish Baroque painter born in 1642 in Madrid, Spain. He is considered one of the greatest painters of the Spanish Golden Age and was known for his portraits and religious paintings. Coello was a student of Juan Carreño de Miranda and went on to become a court painter for King Charles II. He is best known for his painting "The Immaculate Conception" which can be seen at the El Escorial Monastery in Madrid. Coello died in 1693 in Madrid at the age of 51.

Claudio Coello was highly influential in the Spanish Baroque style, combining elements of Caravaggio's realism with the dramatic lighting and dynamic compositions of the Baroque. He was also influenced by the work of Rubens, as seen in his use of color and movement.

Coello's works can be found in many important Spanish institutions, including the Prado Museum in Madrid, the Louvre in Paris, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. He was highly sought after in his time and received numerous commissions from the Spanish royal family, the nobility, and the clergy.

In addition to religious and portrait paintings, Coello also produced still-life and genre paintings. Despite his fame and success, however, little is known about his personal life. Nevertheless, his paintings continue to be highly valued and appreciated for their technical mastery and timeless beauty.

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Saint Dominic of Guzman, c.1685 by Claudio Coello | Painting Reproduction

Saint Dominic of Guzman c.1685

Oil Painting
Canvas Print
SKU: CLC-15892
Claudio Coello
Original Size: 240 x 160 cm
Prado Museum, Madrid, Spain

The Triumph of Saint Augustine, 1664 by Claudio Coello | Painting Reproduction

The Triumph of Saint Augustine 1664

Oil Painting
Canvas Print
SKU: CLC-16762
Claudio Coello
Original Size: 271 x 203 cm
Prado Museum, Madrid, Spain