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German Romanticism Painter

Emanuel Gottlieb Leutze (1816-1868) was a German-American painter known for his historical and genre scenes, particularly his depictions of American history. He was born in Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany, on May 24, 1816, and later moved with his family to the United States, settling in Philadelphia in 1825.

Leutze showed an early interest in art, and his father encouraged his talent by providing him with drawing lessons. He attended the Philadelphia Academy of Fine Arts and later studied under the renowned portrait painter John Rubens Smith. In 1839, at the age of 23, Leutze went to Europe to further his artistic education. He studied in Düsseldorf, Germany, under the landscape painter Johann Wilhelm Schirmer, and also worked in Rome and Paris.

Leutze's early works were primarily landscapes and portraits, but he soon turned to historical and genre scenes. He gained international recognition in 1851 with his painting "Washington Crossing the Delaware," which depicted General George Washington leading his troops across the Delaware River during the American Revolution. The painting became an iconic representation of American history and patriotism.

Leutze continued to produce historical scenes, including "Westward the Course of Empire Takes Its Way" (1861) and "Columbus Before the Queen" (1843), which depicted Christopher Columbus presenting his plans for a voyage to the New World to Queen Isabella of Spain.

In addition to his historical works, Leutze also painted portraits and genre scenes, such as "The Artist's Studio" (1861), which depicted a group of artists in a studio setting.

Leutze was a member of the National Academy of Design and the American Art-Union, and he exhibited his works in the United States and Europe. He also served as a professor at the Düsseldorf Academy of Fine Arts.

Leutze died on July 18, 1868, in Washington, D.C. His legacy continues to be celebrated for his contributions to American art and his iconic depictions of American history.

4 Leutze Paintings

Washington Crossing the Delaware, 1851 by Leutze | Painting Reproduction

Washington Crossing the Delaware 1851

Oil Painting
Canvas Print
SKU: EGL-4663
Emanuel Gottlieb Leutze
Original Size: 378.5 x 647.7 cm
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, USA

Mrs Schuyler Burning Her Wheat Fields on the Approach of the British, 1852 by Leutze | Painting Reproduction

Mrs Schuyler Burning Her Wheat Fields on the ... 1852

Oil Painting
Canvas Print
SKU: EGL-4664
Emanuel Gottlieb Leutze
Original Size: 81.3 x 101.6 cm
Los Angeles County Museum of Art, California, USA

Portrait of William Morris Hunt, c.1845 by Leutze | Painting Reproduction

Portrait of William Morris Hunt c.1845

Oil Painting
SKU: EGL-4665
Emanuel Gottlieb Leutze
Original Size: unknown
Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Massachusetts, USA

Worthington Whittredge in his Tenth Street Studio, 1865 by Leutze | Painting Reproduction

Worthington Whittredge in his Tenth Street Studio 1865

Oil Painting
SKU: EGL-4666
Emanuel Gottlieb Leutze
Original Size: unknown
Reynolda House Museum of American Art, North Carolina, USA