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Gary Verified Reviewer
Mike was awesome - helped me chose the correct version of the print, printed and shipped the next day (Friday) and received in the US on Monday! Print looks great!

Dancer Adjusting Her Slipper - Degas

Mark Morden Verified Reviewer
An overall excellent experience. The quality of my portrait of Winston Churchill was superb. Spot on to the original. I know Mike takes pride in his work and it clearly shows. His work is far superior to anything that comes from China. Highly recommended.

Sir Winston Churchill, Statesman - Guthrie

Maximilian Verified Reviewer
Thanks a lot Michael for this beautiful print, I was very impressed by the quality of your work! I highly reccomend Top of Art to anyone interested in paintings reproductions, it's amazing!
Very satisfied with my purchase.
Have a good one.

The Fall of the Damned - Rubens

Frank Muller Verified Reviewer
We have commissioned three different works from Michael and we are thrilled with each. Rembrandts Prodigal Son, Ribera's Descent from the Cross, and Champaignes' Saint Augustine. Each are well done but the Saint Augustine is truly exquisite. The other two are reasonably faithfully recreated, this latter painting is tremendous! Michael is responsive but fair warning that they do not rush their work and estimates for finishing the work can be optimistic at times. Having said, do not let that statement deter you. This team does work that is well worth waiting for. Having experienced less quality, if you at all care about technique, proper use of colors and sketch symmetry I saw this is your place. We will be commissioning more from Top Art.

Saint Augustine - Champaigne

Peter Verified Reviewer
Top of Art came through for me once again. Mike obtained a portrait not listed in his catalogue. It did take a little bit of time; however, it was well worth the wait. The end product is a very nice canvas print. My experience with Top of Art was extremely positive and would not hesitate to shop their catalogue in the future.

Portrait of John Mortlock - Downman

Lo Vijver Verified Reviewer
Because I like Greek Mythology, I do like this kind of paintings. There is a kind of Mystery that I would like to understand.

Oedipus and the Sphinx - Moreau

Richard Verified Reviewer
Could not be more happy with the quality of this painting! I will definitely be ordering more paintings from top of art in the future!

On the Sailing Boat - Friedrich

Rob Verified Reviewer
I bought a plain reproduction (no frame, original size) of "The Dream of the Fisherman's Wife" as a present for a friend and I have to say I am greatly pleased with the product. The quality of the paper is excellent (It´s really solid) and the image reproduced has great colors and definition. It´s like a reproduction you could buy in a Museum Gift Store. Furthermore, the shipment of the reproduction was quick, all things considered (a couple of weeks in the middle of the pandemic is good enough), and the product came well protected inside two consecutive packages.

Thumbs up, five stars, I would buy cool art from this store again. :)

The Dream of the Fisherman's Wife - Hokusai

Joseph Harvey Verified Reviewer
The piece is exquisite. The chiaroscuro contrast a Caravaggio piece needs Is beautifully recreated.

The Betrayal of Christ (Taking of Christ) - Caravaggio

Craig Verified Reviewer
Just a couple of pics of the painting framed and hung we love it. Thank you!

Klimt - Kiss - oil painting reproduction quality example

The Kiss - Klimt

Matthew Malin Verified Reviewer
Excellent quality piece. Can’t wait to frame it! Thanks Michael!

The Persistence of Memory - Dali

Peter Verified Reviewer
When I first located the TOP OF ART website, I was disappointed that the image I wanted was not listed in the catalogue. I contacted customer service, and Mike told me that they were on vacation and would make contact once returning. I contacted Mike a few days later, informed him of what I needed, and asked if it was possible. He told me he would see what he could do and would get back to me. He did get back to me as promised, a few days later, and was able to secure the image, to the exact proportions that I needed.
My canvas print arrived yesterday; I couldn't be more pleased. The quality of the printing is outstanding, and I'm sure that, once stretched and framed, the portrait will exhibit the same presence as the original oil painting.
Overall, I can say that my experience as a consumer was excellent, and I can highly recommend TOP OF ART without any reservations.

The Honorable Mrs Graham (Detail) - Gainsborough

Steven E. Arslanian Verified Reviewer
I first saw this painting in 1970 at National Gallery of Art in DC and for some reason got me impressed. Along the years I saw many reproductions and kept in my mind. When I had the chance to contact Michael and ask for its reproduction, I didn't know what expect. Gladly I received an excellent copy that I will cherish forever. Thank you Michael!!!!

Young Girl Reading - Fragonard

D. F. Verified Reviewer
I just opened my painting. It's perfect!!!!!! I have seen this painting twice over the years and I am so astounded at how accurate this painting is. Please extend my gratitude to the artist who created my painting. I will let you know when I decide the next commission you can do for me.

The Goldfinch - Fabritius

Marcus Verified Reviewer
A wonderful job by the artist. In particular, the work around the fields in the distance and clouds was very well done. Also, I'd like to mention that Michael was highly professional and full of integrity in his dealings with me. Thanks to those involved and I'd be happy to use your services again, great job.

The Hay Wain - Constable

Rex Hammill Verified Reviewer

B.S. Verified Reviewer
We would like to thank you for sending the replacement. It is beautiful and we are anxious to have it framed and hung. You were very professional and we appreciate your excellent customer service is resolving the problem with the damaged first canvas. We will purchase from you again and we will recommend your company to others.
Thank you and best regards.

Still Life - Vase with Roses and Anemones - Gogh

Sabine Lambert Verified Reviewer
This Beautiful little print looks wonderful on my wall.

Portrait of Sarah Bernhardt - Burne-Jones

HughM Verified Reviewer
We are delighted with our copy of Savrasov's "The Rooks Have Come". Excellent quality and expertly painted. Highly recommended.

The Rooks Have Come - Savrasov

Mary M. Verified Reviewer
Thank you Mr Orlov, you have been most helpful and the painting is superlative.

Madonna della Seggiola - Raphael