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Eugene Verified Reviewer
We received the painting from the TopofArt. It looks perfect and we enjoy it very much. We saw the original and can confirm that the painting of museum quality was done by the TopofArt artist in a highly professional manner. We ordered very many paintings from TopofArt and were never disappointed. We recommend this website to everyone and are going to continue ordering more paintings ourselves.

The Birth of Venus - Botticelli

Craig and Shirleen Verified Reviewer
Received our two paintings yesterday, they were certainly worth the wait, absolutely beautiful, cant wait to frame and share pictures of them mounted

Klimt - Girlfriends - painting reproduction quality example

Girl Friends - Klimt

Thank you Craig and Shirleen for your review. We are very happy :)

Mary Beth Verified Reviewer
Again, another beautiful print. Excellent reproduction. I'm most pleased.

Rocks near Caves above Chateau Noir - Cezanne

Thank you very much for your review of "Rocks near Caves above Chateau Noir" by Cezanne

Mary Beth Verified Reviewer
Thank you so much for the beautiful painting, great quality all around. Thank you, too, for answering my questions about shipping.

Study of Trees - Cezanne

Thank you very much for your review of "Study of Trees" by Cezanne

Benny S. Verified Reviewer
Very professional service and extremely high quality.  I was very impressed with the entire experience.  I received an oil on canvas reproduction that is  amazing.  I cannot say enough good things about this.  The result, a high quality lifetime piece of art, is just amazing.The nicest thing is it keeps looking better them more I admire it.  I highly recommend these products, they are worth every penny and then some.  I am thinking of ordering more.

The Goldfinch - Fabritius

Ken L. Verified Reviewer
Flawless. I cannot stop looking at the painting.

Eos, A Favorite Greyhound of Prince Albert - Landseer

Janet L. Verified Reviewer
My mother received her painting yesterday and it is just beautiful. She couldn’t be happier with it. Thank you for working so hard to make sure she received her gift - it’s even more perfect than she hoped.

Dancers, Pink and Green - Degas

G.K. Verified Reviewer
Painting arrived. Absolutely beautiful. Thank you for your hard work!
G.K., UK

Gladioli - Monet

Grace C. Verified Reviewer
I was thrilled when I received the painting of Waterhouse's scent of the rose. It arrived in perfect condition and the attention to details is unbelievable. I have taken it in to get framed.
Greetings from Montreal!

The Soul of the Rose - Waterhouse

Petra Verified Reviewer
The painting is amazing! I love it.
Thank you so much. I will be ordering more from you.

Still Life with Roses - Renoir

Thank you so much for your review of "Still Life with Roses" by Renoir

K. T. Verified Reviewer
Thank you for the painting. It s really work of a master. It looks beautiful, even beyond my expectations.
Thank you very much for this piece of art.

Storm on the Sea of Galilee - Rembrandt

Helge Verified Reviewer
We received the painting and are absolutely delighted with it, it is exquisite and my father will be so happy when he sees it framed. Thank you so much!

Pastorales Tahitiennes - Gauguin

Robert Verified Reviewer
We have commissioned three paintings from Michael and Top of Art. We have received the two cited above. Both are beautifully done with careful attention to both color and technique. It is clear that they understand classic brush strokes and process including careful sketching to maintain the symmetry of the originals. One should be patient in their production as I am not sure it is always clear from the web site the production timeline. Our experience has been about 3-4 months per painting. I share this not as a criticism but as a helpful management of expectations so that all parties are happy. The wait is certainly and exceedingly worth it if you value quality and care. Peace be with you all!

The Return of the Prodigal Son - Rembrandt

Klaus Verified Reviewer
First of all the painting is beautiful and it's worth every cent that has been invested. The local framing expert was impressed. So am I. I also appreciate that response time was very fast when questions have been asked. The production time was slightly longer than expected but I love the fact that postal shipping was made "express" without extra Read more about review stating Magpie by Monet: Beautiful; Service: Excellentcharge to meet the deadline for handover of the painting (it was a present). Thank you very much.

The Magpie - Monet

Thomas Verified Reviewer
A couple of days ago I received the painting in very good condition. My expectations are fulfilled. I'm happy with the quality of the painting. Thank you very much.

Still Life with Porcelain Bowl and Nautilus Cup - Kalf

Monica C. Verified Reviewer
I just received the canvas copy of a Danish painter and it was actually lovelier than I expected. I immediately hung it on my wall and could not be more pleased. In addition, the communication and customer service with "Top of Art" is exceptional. Thank you to Michael for his wonderful communication.

Interior. Young Woman seen from Behind - Hammershoi

Anne-Mariee Verified Reviewer
We received the painting in very good condition. The quality of the painting exceeded our expectations. Our compliments to the artist/artists for a job well done. Thank you very much.

Fruit Still Life with Jewelry Box - Heem

Gio Verified Reviewer
The works of art reproduced by Top of Art are simply gorgeous. I've now had 7 or 8 reproductions done by the company, and I intend to continue to use the company for all my reproductions. I've tried other reproduction companies in the past, but none of them compare. At this point, I wouldn't use anyone other than Top of Art.
The only minor complaint is that it can sometimes take quite a long time for the company to complete an order. However, if you can be patient about this, then the product you will receive will be well worth the wait.

San Giorgio Maggiore by Twilight - Monet

Ixtlan Verified Reviewer
As a prospective buyer of a TOPofART print, your two main questions are probably, 1.) Is the quality as good as advertised, and 2.) is the service truly good. In my experience, Yes!! and yes!! First, the quality. I chose two Canaletto paintings, one primarily for its colors, the other for its lines. With the giclée on canvas technology, the colors turned out true and rich and subtle, and the line is amazingly delicate, detailed and refined. You do feel you're looking at an original. Secondly, the service. There was at one point a question whether the prints had been held up, without tracking details, after reaching the US. Mr. Michael Orlov investigated and got a new set sent off promptly. I was very happy with his response. The prints arrived in strong, purpose-designed packaging, doubled and well-taped. They were pristine, even breath-taking. I am glad I spent my Christmas gift money this way. Art makes you feel rich (in a good way)!

London: The Thames from Somerset House Terrace towards the City - Canaletto

Ken Verified Reviewer
The Modigliani copy I purchased is stunning. It is incredibly accurate and the colors read correctly for the period and artist. I have a Landseer greyhound portrait on order. I’m counting the days until it arrives.
My framing man says it will be difficult to stretch the canvas because there was so little margin. He would prefer to have four inches then trim it after it’s stretched. Not sure if his concern is correct by art standards.

Anna Zborowska - Modigliani