Academic Classicism Artists Index

Academic Classicism Artists Index

Alphabetical Index of the Great Masters of Academic Classicism

Academic art, also known as academicism or academism, is a style of painting and sculpture that emerged in Europe in the 19th century under the influence of European academies of art, specifically the French Académie des Beaux-Arts. It was practiced under the movements of Neoclassicism and Romanticism, and the art that followed these two movements in an attempt to return to classical ideals of beauty and order.

The academic art style was highly conservative and placed emphasis on the technical skills of the artist, as well as a strict adherence to established rules and conventions. It aimed to create works that were refined and polished, with an emphasis on historical and mythological subjects. The style was characterized by a highly realistic approach to representation, with a focus on detail and accuracy, as well as a grandiose scale and sense of monumentality.

The academic art style had a significant impact on the art world, particularly in Europe and the United States, where it dominated the mainstream art scene for much of the 19th century. However, it was also criticized for being overly formulaic and lacking in creativity and innovation, which led to the rise of new art movements such as Impressionism and Post-Impressionism in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Overall, the history of academic art is closely tied to the development of art education and the establishment of art academies, which provided a formalized system for training.

Amerling, Friedrich von (1803-1887)

Blaas, Eugen de (1843-1931)

Bonnat, Leon (1833-1922)

Bonnaud, Pierre (1865-1930)

Boucherville, Adrien de (1829-1912)

Bouguereau, Adolphe-William (1825-1905)

Brandt, Jozef (1841-1915)

Cabanel, Alexandre (1823-1889)

Carolus-Duran, Charles Emile August (1837-1917)

Catala, Luis Alvarez (1836-1901)

Charlemont, Eduard (1848-1906)

Chelminski, Jan van (1851-1925)

Comerre, Leon Francois (1850-1916)

Cot, Pierre-Auguste (1837-1883)

Delaroche, Paul (1797-1856)

Deutsch, Ludwig (1855-1935)

Ernst, Rudolph (1854-1932)

Ferruzzi, Roberto (1853-1934)

Flameng, Francois (1856-1923)

Frere, Charles-Theodore (1814-1888)

Fromentin, Eugene (1820-1876)

Gerome, Jean Leon (1824-1904)

Gervex, Henri (1852-1929)

Gilbert, Victor Gabriel (1847-1933)

Hansen, Heinrich (1821-1890)

Hublin, Emile Auguste (1830-1891)

Kaemmerer, Frederick Hendrik (1839-1902)

Kaufmann, Isidor (1854-1921)

Knight, Daniel Ridgway (1839-1924)

Ladell, Edward (1821-1886)

Laurens, Jean-Paul (1838-1921)

Lefebvre, Jules Joseph (1836-1911)

Lesrel, Adolphe Alexandre (1839-1929)

Martin-Kavel, Francois (1861-1931)

Meissonier, Jean-Louis-Ernest (1815-1891)

Merle, Hugues (1823-1881)

Merson, Luc Olivier (1846-1920)

Munier, Emile (1810-1895)

Perrault, Leon-Jean-Bazille (1832-1908)

Pukirev, Vasily (1832-1890)

Ralli, Theodore Jacques (1852-1909)

Reggianini, Vittorio (1858-1938)

Reichert, Carl (1836-1918)

Ricci, Arturo (1854-1919)

Robie, Jean-Baptiste (1821-1910)

Rosati, Giulio (1858-1917)

Roybet, Ferdinand Victor Leon (1840-1920)

Salanson, Eugene-Marie (1864-1892)

Schryver, Louis Marie de (1863-1942)

Soulacroix, Frederick Charles (1825-1879)

Vernet, Horace (1789-1863)

Vibert, Jehan Georges (1840-1902)

Wierusz-Kowalski, Alfred von (1849-1915)

Winterhalter, Franz Xaver (1805-1873)

Wontner, William Clarke (1857-1930)

Yvon, Adolphe (1817-1893)

Zuber-Buhler, Fritz (1822-1896)